A downloadable Sol 705 for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The year: 1974 – winter vacation, to be precise. Something weird is going on in a sleepy Argentinean rural town. The neighbours’ behaviour is stranger than usual, the livestock suffers from a constipation epidemic and some folks claim to have seen curious lights in the night sky…

The truth is that when you’re on vacation, nights have a way of feeling even longer… It’s the perfect time to test the guts and gumption of Sol 705, a student club devoted to the search for extraterrestrial phenomena. But the boys will face their toughest challenge while making contact with those fabled creatures… members of the opposite sex!

Welcome to SOL705 a point a click adventure that takes place in an analog old fashioned  time-continuum when even to find a single telephone is going to be a real nightmare!

* English version performed by extra-talented voice actors!

* Psychedelic and progressive Pop Rock soundtrack!

* An unmatched decadent sociocultural atmosphere!

* Super funny puzzles and subtitles in both english and spanish!

For more info please visit our page at  www.sol705.com 

Android and ios versions coming very soon!

Install instructions

Windows version: unzip and run the file Sol705_EXORDIUM.exe that you will find inside the Sol705win/Sol705 folder structure

Mac version: unzip and install. 


Sol705_win.rar 152 MB
Sol705.app.zip 155 MB
Sol705_lin64.zip 156 MB

Development log


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you game is amazing

Hey thank you again! I´ll truly appreciate if you can rate it here, tnx!


Tnx :)

HEAVY SPOILER ALERT! From now on there´s plenty of cool videos with gameplay! Please note that some of them will spoil you the entire adventure so maybe is better to watch them AFTER you finish the game :)

Hi everybody, here´s you have a new gameplay video with a lot of fun delivered by  Adna at Adna plays. Check it out, you will love it! I certainly did!

Aha! What a brilliant game. I had a superb amount of fun dabbling in Sol 705 - thank you for making this! I shall certainly be continuing my Playthrough :D
Do enjoy! 

Hi Teatippler!!! Thank you for this awesome video man and the good critic! Can't believe it! I'm leaving you a hint here for the next part: try to check the inventory clicking in the bag icon (left down in the screen) and check what you have there...even better...explore combining elements and using them with others in the school. Can't wait for more!

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I had a lot of fun not only playing it so far, but being a part of this awesome project as well :-) For a demo has so much content, so I had to split it into two videos! Here's part one

Wow!!! Great video Jesse!! Thank you so much for playing and taking the time to share it! :) Can't wait for part II man!!

Looks really really good. I downloaded a copy and can't wait to play it!

Fantastic! Have fun!!