A downloadable Sol 705 - Exordium for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Please Notice: this is an old free demo version from the game (now fully released at Sol 705 full new adventure! and it does not reflect the quality and should be not indicative of the finished product!) 

Take me to the FULL Adventure

Take me to the FULL Adventure

Full Adventure

 Winter’s holiday is an unique opportunity to solve a new mystery on Tucana Lake, a vicious decadent town where everything can happen! Be part of doubtful investigations based upon abandoned records on paranormal phenomena but more important, help the boys to face the toughest and exciting challenge of them all: making contact with those fabled creatures…classmate members of the opposite sex!


  • 2D graphics with animations of great quality with the pixel-toon style. 
  • Exquisite hand-drawn backgrounds and dozen of ultra weird characters.
  • Fully dubbed to English with subtitles in french, spanish, russian, german and now also italian! 
  • An original soundtrack that goes from punk to the most awkward symphonic rock from the 70’s.
  • Super funny puzzles and amazing stuff to collect and use: old vhs, narcoleptic yoyos, stuffed moles, time continuum chocolate candy and much more!.

For more info please visit our page at  www.sol705.com 

Install instructions

Windows versions  and Linux: unzip  the downloaded  file, then double click on Sol705 to play the game. 
Mac version: unzip and give Osx permission to open the app
(You can get 7-zip for free to unzip your files if needed)


Sol705 Linux 64 bits 207 MB
Sol705 Windows 32 bits 208 MB
Sol705 Windows 64 bits 208 MB
Sol705 Mac osx 210 MB

Also available on

Development log


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The older version here looks pretty fun, great job. I will try out your newer one, if its like this one should be good.

Got the game on Google Play! Really loved it. Wish it was longer.

Hi, thank you! Did you play the full version? it's very much longer than this one here ;) 

Deleted 284 days ago

Hi, could you be more specific? pc, mac? when do you have the problem? tnx!

Hi guys!!! This is REALLY HAPPENING!! The FULL version of Sol705 is 50% funded at Kickstarter! There's only 17 days left to complete the journey! If you enjoyed the game so far PLEASE consider to support me, I have no other way to make this adventure happen so your help is PRECIOUS!! Thank you so much!!
And the rewards are just awesome, don't miss them!

Sol705 KS Campaign

Hello everybody! 

Did you enjoy this episode and you can’t wait to get your hands THE FULL GAME? Good news: SOL705 is going to have a Kickstarter Campaign starting next Tuesday!!
I hope to see you all there! 
I´ll post more details as soon as they´re available!

All the best


Windows - Mac - Linux - iOS and Android Endlich auf Deutsch! ☀️

Vollständige englische Sprachausgabe mit Untertiteln in Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch, Russisch und Deutsch

This is really cool! Super nostalgic! Can't wait to play when there's more content! 

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the adventure. I also loved A Mortician Tale, such a fantastic idea!!! Great game!
If you feel in the mood to leave me a score for Sol705 at the itch.io page I'll truly appreciate. Thanks Tecgothica!

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Guess what?! @FuzzyC0ncept from Gamewalker youtube channer make this mega  walkthrough to help curly adventures to make the most of Sol705. How cool is that?! SPOILER: please keep in mind that this is the fastest and shortest way to beat the game!

ok locks interesting lets hope the story holds up  

Sure it does, enjoy and thank you for your comment! 🔭

no problem i am only giving my opinion after all end thanks for you feedback to 

Sure, you welcome! :) Tnx!

This point and click adventure makes you feel like you came out of a time machine to the era of the good old games!

Wow, thank you so much!! It's a pleasure to see you're enjoying the game so much! Let me know if I can be of any help Pizza on Apple iOS 11.2

C'est parti! Notre grand ami Zenix7410 a posté deux videos du gameplay effectué sur sa chaine Twitch Instant Gaming live hier soir ! Si vous avez besoin d'aide pour avancer dans cette aventure,  n'hesitez pas a les regarder maintenant sur youtube

Hello Tucana fans! February starts at full steam with a fantastic russian version made by Alexander Preymak @preymak ( glorious translator of top adventures as Thimbleweed Park and Bronken Sword 5), so cyrillic readers now is your change to enjoy the game with full russian! I´d like to express my total gratitude to Alex for his work and help. Space-sibo!!

A few weeks ago we reacher more than 2000 downloads! That's fantastic! Thank you so much! 

Have a great 2018!!! 

We got a new youtuber on the street, this time is Arlex who´s playing the spanish version of the game  and having a lot of fun with the adventure! This looks like an on going series, with two videos to watch! Enjoy y muchas gracias!

The best way to start a new year! Sol705 is now available for Ipad and Iphone from the AppStore


Go ride it!

Sol705 on ios

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Android version is now available at Google Play Store! 

Sol705 on Android

Sol705 on Android


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More big news guys!
New feature: Pressing SPACEBAR now you can spot important places and objects on each scene to help you out if blocked!

First of all the adventure is now in French! Des sous-titres en française sont désormais disponibles depuis l'incone de setup (espace antenna)

And for all of you running old versions of  Windows, there´s a brand new 32 bit edition above in the download sections.

Thank you so much,


We reached more that 1000 downloads!! Thank you so much guys!!

WebUser magazine UK highlighted Sol705 as the best free games to play in his november issue, how cool is that?!! Thanx!

Here we have another lovely youtuber playing the first part of the game. This time is Guinverre's Gaming  who made this video, check it out guys!


you game is amazing

Hey thank you again! I´ll truly appreciate if you can rate it here, tnx!


Tnx :)

HEAVY SPOILER ALERT! From now on there´s plenty of cool videos with gameplay! Please note that some of them will spoil you the entire adventure so maybe is better to watch them AFTER you finish the game :)

Hi everybody, here´s you have a new gameplay video with a lot of fun delivered by  Adna at Adna plays. Check it out, you will love it! I certainly did!

Aha! What a brilliant game. I had a superb amount of fun dabbling in Sol 705 - thank you for making this! I shall certainly be continuing my Playthrough :D
Do enjoy! 

Hi Teatippler!!! Thank you for this awesome video man and the good critic! Can't believe it! I'm leaving you a hint here for the next part: try to check the inventory clicking in the bag icon (left down in the screen) and check what you have there...even better...explore combining elements and using them with others in the school. Can't wait for more!

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I had a lot of fun not only playing it so far, but being a part of this awesome project as well :-) For a demo has so much content, so I had to split it into two videos! Here's part one

Wow!!! Great video Jesse!! Thank you so much for playing and taking the time to share it! :) Can't wait for part II man!!

Looks really really good. I downloaded a copy and can't wait to play it!

Fantastic! Have fun!!